Superfine Lampblacks
Black Pigments for Tinting and Shading

General Carbon Company has specialized in the production of High-Quality, Uniform, Lampblacks since 1931 (86 years) serving national and international industries satisfactorily.

Currently product stocks are maintained at Los Angeles, Mogadore, and Louisville for customer convenience.

Export orders can be filled directly from our Los Angeles factory with near-by transportation facilities at LAX Los Angeles and ports Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Samples availabe upon request on a company letterhead.

General Carbon Company

7542 Maie Avenue
Los Angeles , CA 90001  USA
Toll Free: 1-800-581-2414
Phone: 323-588-9291
Fax: 323-588-0220

General Carbon Company     7542 Maie Ave     Los Angeles, CA      90001-2637    USA
Phone: 800.581.2414     323.588.9291     Fax: 323.588.0220